Working in America Today, some personal thoughts

June 9, 2016    » posted by: charlieredd

Working in America Today

I dream of a country which wants to get back to work instead of finding excuses to not work.

A people that look back on their ancestors and see the great sacrifice that they made for the opportunities we have now and wish to honor their memory by matching , no, surpassing that work ethic.

A youth with backbone, humility, strength and discipline.

A youth that brings innovation AFTER they have learned the ways of sweat, craft, art, responsibility, dedication, trust.

A country that understands that compensation in a job is earned not given.

Families that spoil their spouses, not their children. Put them to work. Teach them to work. Show them the value in chores, wage, effort, responsibility early. It’s hard to catch them up once they are spoiled.

A community that sees the only way to change the economic status of its community is to work towards a better, richer life.

A work force that instead of making excuses of why they can’t succeed works diligently to succeed in the face of opposition.

A workplace that judges by the characteristics of an individual’s ability to perform rather than gender, race, culture, style, tenderness, or beauty.

A redistribution where hipness means fucking nothing and hard work makes you cool and sexy.

A workplace that has the team turn off their phone, disconnect their social media outlets on their computers, keep their personal calls to before or after work and on break. You are at work. Work!

(By the way if you are talking to someone, it is downright rude to look at your phone. Is my time with you worthless? Can you not control your urge to communicate with someone else for a few seconds while we talk? And if you are at work, working, and you interrupt a meeting or discussion with your coworkers to text or take a personal call you should be warned once then fired. Don’t work for me if you don’t have control of your phone.)

A workplace where the employees work as a team to support each other. Sick? Someone will happily cover for you. Sad? Team will support you and give you hugs, words, compliments. Feeling like a big fat pussy today and just want to lay around the house and watch Price is Right? Your caring fellow employees will come and slap you, shower you and take you to work.

Personal day? Really? Is the weekend not enough?

Half day Friday? Does anyone win races by slowing down at the end?

A workplace that is able to pay employees based on their true contribution to the team. If a supervisor is only able to do half the work of a laborer should he or she be paid twice as much? Now if the supervisor can do the work of two laborers in the same amount of time while managing a team of 20 laborers what is his or her value?

If the boss is unwilling to do the individual jobs of the entire team, fuck them. Quit on the spot. Find someone who will. Leaders need to lead by example….and be held accountable by the masses when they become lazy wasteful power hungry douches.

Tipping is a tax to the consumer that is completely out of hand. In other countries they call it bribery. A solution is far away, but should be worked towards.

A workplace where you can go to the bathroom in whatever bathroom you fucking want to.

Things have changed and are still changing here in America and around the world rapidly as far as work, wage, expectation, and responsibility. Are you proud of the work you do on a daily basis? Would your grandfather who gave everything: family, health, savings, home, friends, to come to this country feel the same way if he saw what you did with your work day? Pride in one’s self begins with pride in one’s actions. That is defined most clearly in the actions that makes up most of our waking time, work.

By the way, we are hiring.
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