Redd's Relatives

A restaurant is nothing without it's purveyors, supporters, and professional friends. We are proud to know and work with all of them.

  • Verrill Farms
    The best in the business. My oldest farm connection. I feel truly privileged to work with them.
  • Two Fields Farm
    My number one Rozzie connection. If you don't know Johanna...
  • Fornax Bakery
    Chris and Kim are a true hidden jewel for solid honest bread making.
  • Jim's Organic Coffee
    Mike Bean and crew keep it real. The product speaks for itself. Thanks for getting me through the first two years of twins.
  • Georges Bank Seafood
    Max. The only fish purveyor I have never had to refuse or return. That's saying a lot with the crooks who are in that business.
  • Mayflower Brewery
    Good honest brew. And Marissa keeps it real with hard work and no stupid beer rep mistakes. Go Bruins.
  • D’Artagnan
    Fine purveyor of lots of expensive shit, but also our Mennonite chickens, whole pigs, and the odd and ends we are able to bring into our price point..
  • Anson Mills
    Catherine's sweet southern voice and cooking tips for heirloom grains keep me coming back.
  • The Sausage Maker
    Our number one source for all things meat. Buffalo represent.
  • Ben's Wild Mushroom's
    If you can find him and you have time to talk, he is your man.
  • Capone's Foods
    Who is John Galt? Who cares when the pasta and company is this good.
  • Hungry Mother
    My peeps. Much love to all. American by birth, Southern by the grace of God.
  • Razor's Barber Shop
    Anthony and Joey give the best cut in town in the coolest spot.Me "Why did you paint the shop lime green?"Anthony "Because I wanted to." Hell yeah! 8 years and I will go nowhere else.
  • Hemlock Ink
    The people that put our logo on the back of the coolest cats in Rozzie.
  • Light Design and Neon
    The man behind the neon. A true experience I can only express in blog format. It makes it.
  • Image Conscious Studios
    Our logo, menus & website. The best in the business. Get in before you only speak to (and afford) their apprentices.
  • S.M. Sneider
    Stanley and Priscilla, the Jekyl and Hyde of the meat purveying world.
  • Fleet Fruit
    "Has anyone ever told you you look like Mark Wahlberg?" The rest is history.
  • J.N. Kidd
    Chocolate, baking and dry goods, and lots of nice people who get it done.
  • Partners in Health
    NO ONE works harder then them for the greatest cause in the world, saving lives in the worlds poorest places. No excuses, no money wasted, nothing but 100%. We admire, give to, and are motivated by them.
  • Martha's Vineyard Spearpoint Oysters
    Straight from the source. Briny and delicious.
  • Sky8 Shrimp Farm
    The best in the business. My oldest farm connection. I feel truly privileged to work with them.
  • Bully Boy Distillers
    Your neighborhood distillers, keepin' it turnt up since day one.
  • Chip-In Farm
    Why do we have the best brunch around? Peep the eggs from Chip-In Farm and see.
  • Brambly Farms
    Delivering our famed whole pigs from right up the street in Norfolk.