Redd's in Rozzie

R 'n' R — Redd's in Rozzie — is a neighborhood restaurant and bar bringing locally sourced ingredients to you with a Southern American touch. From fresh produce to the best in Massachusetts breweries, "local" and "fresh" permeate all things at R 'n' R. Our experienced team of fun-loving folks will make your trip to R 'n' R Nat-King-Cole-smooth, chill, and unforgettable.

Chef Redd

A North Carolina native living in Portland, Oregon, Charlie Redd (aka Chef Delicious) ended up on a very special island off Cape Cod, cooking his broken heart out of his body. Picking up a free Subaru in Woods Hole, he drove it to Cambridge, left the title and keys on the dashboard, and has called Boston home ever since 2000.

Delicious began his career in professional cooking at Outback Steakhouse and never looked back. After graduating from the CIA he went west in search of the true local, fresh, seasonal cooking and found it in a budding Portland food scene and two chefs, Leather Storrs and Vitaly Paley. Cooking with the best the region had to offer, delivered personally by proud producers, established the love of a connection with ingredients and respect for them.

Arriving in Boston, Delicious molded this passion in the kitchens of Radius, Hamersley's Bistro, Lumiere, and Harvest, while traveling to Africa, Europe, and South America exploring what the world has to experience around the table. Curiousity has taken him to some of the east coast's best kitchens, staging at Gramercy Tavern, Daniel, Le Bernardin, WD-50, and Blue Hill at Stone Barn.


About Rozzie

An eclectic and diverse section of Boston, Roslindale has been a neighborhood of Boston for 300 years. The neighborhood framed by the Arnold Arboreteum, West Roxbury, and Jamaica Plain has been a home to many different groups in its time. A true melting pot of cultures, Roslindale (or "Rozzie" to the locals) has a vibrant community, proud of its diversity and history. The businesses of Roslindale Square display this with Greek, Spanish, Irish, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian, Thai, and Japanese cultures all represented. This made the square a favorite spot for Chef Delicious to hang out after travels, and while courting his now wife. R 'n' R and Chef Delicious are excited to join this community and hope to add another piece to its growing quilt of true America.