Why we are cheering for the Royals

October 30, 2015    » posted by: charlieredd

Many people have asked us why we are cheering for the Kansas City Royals this year. The reasons are a little deeper than a bandwagon, popularity or sympathy. As we watch the team win game after game we began to see ethics and behaviors that we try to emulate here at RnR. A growing frustration with the lack of what we feel are basic work principles has us grumbling constantly about the state of America and its current position as the tenderest population on the planet. But then the Royals came along and we found a common link. The values of hard work, dedication, community, wholesomeness and stubbornness are, and have been, apparent in the team since their upswing three years ago. We feel that our team is at its strongest point for the same reasons and thought you would enjoy the comparison.

Work ethic is on the ropes in America, but not at RnR and KC. We constantly struggle to find candidates to hire that want to show up consistently, give 100% and nurture our guests like they are in our home. Simple, right? Not so simple. To say that it is difficult to just get people to send us a current resume for a position we list is the starting point of a very frustrating process that takes way too much time for what it yields. One out of three hires stay on more than 6 months and the chafe we weed out in the process pollutes the soul of the entire team.

Pro sports is no different. Athletes “work” in a state of privilege and wealth that disgusts Americans. The poor attitude, weak spirit and petty complaining of millionaire athletes has any fan put out. The simplicity of showing up to play a game you love on a regular basis seems like an ideal job. Yet the same issues plague every team.

Here we work harder. And then turn it up again. If a new team mate does not recognize the effort and passion we put forward they don’t last long. We aren’t held back by the shortcomings of others, it is just another challenge to tackle. Gluten free, tired children, fiancé just left you for some blond bimbo, we step up and provide. That’s. Our. JOB. Cook with passion. Clean with hatred for filth. Service with a smile, even a hug if you need it. Again, J.O.B. and we do it gladly. You want endless sick days, flexible hours, compensation for everything under the sun, mandatory breaks every hour on the hour? I hear those things are available at Appleby’s. You want to live and breathe seasonal cooking, give 110% and be greeted with smiles everywhere you look, feel the pressure of a challenge and the rewards of crushing it, we are always hiring. But only when one of our Champions is ready to move on.

KC wins because they work harder than everyone else. They hustle. What a fucking novel concept for a baseball team! Train to be faster than everyone else, hit better than everyone else, and pitch better than everyone else. But not as one person, as a team. They win because they do every little detail a little better than the opponent. A little faster, a few more hits, and most importantly they want it a little more than the others do. A team that weeds out the weak and trains together season after season will eventually see the results. They are now.

Good leaders set the example. In a professional kitchen they pick up a knife and dig in to show the proper way. They dive into a busy service and help rather than hinder. They also set goals for the team to meet allowing them to be everywhere at the same time. The team respects the leaders because they are strong, good and dedicated to the focus of the restaurant. As the supreme leader of RnR I cannot comment on this point, but people tell me I do a good job. However, I never believe it. A good leader is never completely satisfied and the team grows because of it.

KC has leaders galore. The coaches are strong from the head office to third base. They all want the same thing, a great baseball team. How do they get it? Working hard and setting examples. Do you think the KC players respect their coaches? You’re damn right they do! That’s all they talk about. How grateful/lucky/thankful/fortunate, etc. they are to the organization. It takes a team of hundreds to lift that trophy and the players recognize it constantly, and bust their ass that much more for them. When the team finds themselves facing elimination their core players step up with key hits, hustle and motivation. Get in there and get it done.

A restaurant and a baseball team are supported by a large community. We at RnR have the best community in all of New England supporting us daily. Nowhere else does a city center get this much love from its population. Nowhere. The KC fans are superb. For years of building they stayed and suffered and now cheer endlessly for the success of their team. The story of a lone Korean fan that the organization flew to KC for a playoff game and treated like royalty was another printed example of how they give just a little bit more. The community and the team support each other without a sense of debt of promise. They are just always there.

The wholesomeness of both this restaurant and the Royals is the foundation for success. A good restaurant is built on people with values who care about themselves, the team and the guests/fans equally. KC shares that sentiment. When we finish our busy Friday shift tonight you will see smiles and laughter, whether we succeed or fail in our struggle. The effort and attitude of the entire team is always strong and we try to help everyone leave here with a little piece of it. KC plays every game, win or lose, without excuse or regret. Last year they were one out shy of winning it all but you never saw them sulk or complain. They threw their hats down in frustration……then picked them up, brushed them off and started working towards next season.

Champions are defined by those that are victorious in a challenge, contest, or competition. Every day is a challenge for us. Every day is a contest to make everyone happy. Every day is competition to make what we did the day before better. KC battles tonight for the baseball championship. I think they are already champions. They are victorious in the basic challenges, contests, and competitions of baseball and life. I hope they get the trophy to show it. The letters we get from happy guests are our trophies. It feels good to look at them and I hope KC gets the chance to as well.