Name That Drink : The Creation of a Cocktail List

November 9, 2011    » posted by: Matt

Last Friday, as I quickly ducked into the local wine shop to grab a bottle of white for the house, I heard a young woman exclaiming into her cell phone in the next aisle.

“This. Is. PERFECT!”. Just like that, too.

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Ferran Adria, mentor from afar

September 4, 2011    » posted by: charlieredd

What does an avant garde chef in Catalonia have to do with a Southern boy with a deep love for pulled pork and all things traditional? Everything. Who is this bad mama jama? If you don’t know look him up and get ready for a lengthy list to come up. The most famous chef in the world is a quick sum up. But I’m not trying to write about who he is, but what he is to me.  »read more

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An open letter to the Boston Globe restaurant critic Devra First

July 26, 2011    » posted by: charlieredd

Dear Devra:

First, thank you for coming to Roslindale, our quiet section of Boston. I am glad you thought enough of our project to come and consider us for a visit. Since the moment you first followed our Twitter account, I was excited and nervous about your visit. Now, on the eve of our scheduled review, I thought it would be fun (especially considering our past conversations where I criticized your rating system while praising your prose and quest for umami as the elusive Delicious), to tell the story about what I went through in anticipation of tomorrow.

………  »read more

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